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Ford Focus RS and STi - Forge Alloy Adjustable Actuator
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Ford Focus RS and STi - Forge Alloy Adjustable Actuator

This actuator is designed for the Ford Focus RS or STi models\r\n\r\nManufactured from Billet aluminium, this Forge adjustable actuator is a two part assembly that will allow servicing and mainteinance. It also allows for rod adjustment to suit the customers individual application. This product is built with a predetermined actuator spring suitable for at or slightly above factory boost levels. The actuator can be assembled with a stiffer spring upon request. Please contact us directly concerning this process.\r\n\r\nPlease note:\r\n\r\nThere are two types of actuator available for this vehicle, either with a straight rod or a bent rod. The two versions are not interchangable. For this reason, prior to ordering you should ascertain which version you require. When ordering please identify your requirement in the options menu\r\n\r\nThe actuator is supplied with no replacement bracket ,you will need to reuse your original factory bracket to fit the Forge actuator\r\n