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VW Golf GTI 2.0TFSI vm. 2005 - 2009 - Forge Front Mount TWINtercooler Kit
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VW Golf GTI 2.0TFSI vm. 2005 - 2009 -  Forge Front Mount TWINtercooler Kit


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Plug & Play sarja jossa mukana kaikki mitä sen asentamiseen tarvitaan.
Sarjalla mitattu saavutettavaan jopa -20c imuilman viilennystä 6600rpm:n kohdalla pelkkään vakio cooleriin verrattuna.

Forge are pleased to present the all new Golf 2.0 L FSIT “Twintercooler.” This ground breaking innovation features our unique twin-core design which has added greater efficiency throughout the entire RPM band beyond that of a single core setup.
We have achieved this by using the latest core technology with high flow end tank designs to achieve a huge reduction in inlet temperatures.

We have spent many months testing various designs and the Twintercooler design emerging as the clear winner.
This is a bolt-on kit that retains the use of the OEM intercooler to produce both horsepower AND torque, but more importantly, a HUGE reduction in inlet temperatures and increased flow efficiency.
A reduction in temperatures of up to 20°C from 102 to 82 at 6600 RPM! While the horsepower figures themselves are impressive enough, this will undoubtedly vary from car to car under various circumstances, but such a large reduction in inlet temps. is difficult to achieve.

Once again we have a Forge product that truly is Engineered for performance.

Please note: We can now confirm that if your vehicle has been supplied to “Hot Climate specification” and has the extra radiator in the front of the wheel arch our intercooler upgrade WILL fit your car.

Vakio vs. Forgen Twintake Teho ( Klick ! ):

Vakio vs. Forgen Twintake vääntö ( Klick ! ):

Vakio vs. Forgen Twintake imuilman lämpoötila ( Klick ! ):

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