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Forge 5x100 ja 5x112 57.1mm keskireijälle Forge levikepalat
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Forge 5x100 ja 5x112 57.1mm keskireijälle Forge levikepalat



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HUOM. 11mm, 16mm ja 20mm keskittäviä.
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“These CNC machined precision alloy wheel spacers are 11 mm thick with a dual 5 stud bolt pattern for both 100 and 112mm PCD fitments. The spacers are anodised black to inhibit corrosion and “bonding” to the wheel or hub and are machined with an alloy spiggot to allow centering on the hub. (often called “hubcetric” spacers) The spacers are suitable for most vehicles produced by the Volkswagen, SEAT, Audi, Skoda group. A 11mm spacer will give an overall track increase of 22mm when fitted to both sides of an axle.

These spacers are priced and sold per pair

Please note: Our 11mm, 16mm, and 20mm hubcentric wheel spacers will NOT work on the rear wheels of the MK3 VW 5×100 applications due to the longer length of the center hub. There is no problem with the smaller 3mm, 5mm, and 8mm NON-hubcentric spacers. “