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Audi S4 S5 3.0TFSI V6 333hp ( vm. - 8/2015 ) - REVO-ohjelmistopäivitys
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  • 403hp & 522Nm
  • S4 STG 1+ 470hp



Tilapäisesti loppunut. Toimitusaika 10 päivää.

Vakiona: 333hp ja 435Nm
REVO STG 1: 400-415hp ja 506-533Nm
REVO STG 1+: 415-448hp ja 546-607Nm (HUOM. vaatii autolta putkiston ja REVOn pulley kitin)

Dyno tolerance +/- 5%.
Olosuhteista, käytetyn bensan ja HW-osien laadusta riipuen.
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Katso Chris Harrisin testi Audi RS4 vs. Revotechnik STG 1 S4:

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Kuvan esimerkki autossa teholukemat Dynossa:
Vakiona: 348bhp ja 480Nm.
Revo STG 1: ja 98 bensalla, +62hp ja +48Nm.
Nopeuden rajoituin poistuu.
Kierroksen rajoitin siirtyy 7200rpm:n.

Mahdollisuus SPS:n jolla:
Revo software is switchable between ‘Stock’ and three performance mode using a Revo SPS.
Setting #1 on your SPS sets your vehicle to stock
Setting #2 on your SPS sets your vehicle to Revo Performance mode A (Tuned for lower octane pump fuel/poor operating conditions e.g:95ron)
Setting #3 on your SPS sets your vehicle to Revo Performance mode B (Tuned for high octane pump fuel/good operating conditions e.g:98ron)
Setting #4 on your SPS sets your vehicle to Revo Performance mode C (Tuned for high octane fuel/ideal operating conditions e.g:100ron)
Note: Anti-Theft mode is not applicable.
Note: Valet mode is not applicable.

The standard 3.0TFSI engine isn’t particularly slow however it does feel slightly lazy especially once you’ve experienced the true potential of the engine with Revo Stage1 performance software installed. With over 70bhp peak and increased power and torque throughout the rev-range the engine is given a new lease of life and puts the S model 3.0TFSI up into the next league; making RS4’s and RS5’s all fair game.
This is one of our favourite engines, to see further information about Revo’s product development on the 3.0TFSI Engine.

Stage1+ follows 12months of longevity testing on our own development vehicles. Specifically designed to work with our own lightweight hard anodised billet aluminium pulley our Stage1+ calibration allows us to further optimise your vehicle making use of the increase in supercharger rpm and improving on the performance you’re used to with our Stage1 performance software. The reduced rotational mass and optimised pulley tooth design mean a more efficient setup, designed not just for performance but for longevity. Giving you huge improvements in both power and torque throughout the rev-range. On the road this translates to a more flexible engine with more midrange and a lot more ‘punch’ lower down than both a stock or Stage1 vehicle. For example; Performance tests using our S5 Coupe show repeatable 3.7 second 0-60 and 8.8 second 0 – 100 times. Regardless of times, facts or figures a Stage1+ 3.0TFSI makes for a very fast and enjoyable car to drive.