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NewSouth Performance - 2.0TFSI - NoBuzz asennussarja
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NewSouth Performance - 2.0TFSI - NoBuzz asennussarja

The NoBuzz™ fittings eliminate the vibration and noise of boost gauges when installed on automobiles with turbocharged engines.

Mechanical boost gauges use a feed line from the turbocharger to directly measure boost pressure. A gauge vibration can occur because the air from a turbocharger comes out in high frequency air pulses that can cause the gauge to rattle or “buzz.” This noise can be eliminated by splicing a restrictor into the boost gauge feed line.

The NoBuzz T-fitting has a restrictor orifice, designed to gauge manufacturers’ specifications, integrated into its feed arm. This design simplifies installation, gives a clean look, eliminates multiple points of failure with using an add-on restrictor, and retains boost gauge response time as compared to other solutions such as add-on in-line fuel filters.