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Skoda Fabia VRS ja VW Polo GTI 1.4TSI 1.8TSI - Forge Intercooler
725,00 €
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Tilapäisesti loppunut. Toimitusaika 15 päivää.

Tilapäisesti loppunut. Toimitusaika 15 päivää.

Tilapäisesti loppunut. Toimitusaika 15 päivää.

Asennusohjeet Fabiaan:

Asennusohjeet Polo:

After over 12 months in the development, testing and refining this product we are pleased to offer what has to be the best intercooler upgrade in the market place today for the Fabia VRS 1.4 twincharged engine. The original intercooler has been redesigned using a high thermal efficiency core, to offer greater cooling. This has been combined with a significant increase in both the frontal surface area and overall dimensions, as you can see clearly below.
After early experimentation with various designs of fabricated end tank and in order to obtain an even airflow within the intercooler, we have used a cast alloy tank. This not only improves on the performance in this particular application but allows the complex OEM mounting design to be retained, ensuring perfect fitment.

The result of all this hard work are clearly evident with a good torque and power increase all the way across the rev range and not just a peak figure increase. This equates to a really usable increase. The difference is felt even on a car running standard software ( +10hp). The maximum gains achievable of course will be dependent on the software used but on a software tned car we recorded 18hp on the first power run. When looking at any dynomometer results it is the shape or area under the curve that helps you visualize the usable engine power and the rpm where it occurs. It is far too simple to just look for the peak figures that are often quoted by so many, and miss what the data is really saying. The performance of this intercooler can only be described as the ideal that all tuners aim for.
better cooling providing a reduction in inlet temperature ( -15 degrees C )
reduction in resistance or differential pressure
improved airflow
clear increase in power across the rev range
utilises original mountings