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Audi Seat Skoda VW 1.2TSI 84hp 105hp vm. 2009 - 2014 REVO STG 1
495,00 €
Alkaen 28,80 €/kk
  • VW Polo 105hp - REVO STG 1: 148.9Hp & 239.6Nm
  • Ibiza STG 1: 155hp ja 248Nm

Pre-MQB korillisiin autoihin joissa Continental SIMOS 10 ecu.
HUOM. EI mahdollisuutta SPS:n !
Hinta sisältää asennuksen.

Vakiona 84hp ja 160Nm tai 105hp ja 175Nm
REVO STG 1: 129-144bhp ja 200 – 214Nm

Olosuhteista, käytetyn bensan ja HW-osien laadusta riipuen.
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Dyno printeissä:
105hp Vakiona 99hp ja 170Nm
REVO STG 1 Softalla 144hp ja 213Nm

Saatavilla eri ohjelmat bensiinilaadun mukaan 95-, 97- tai 98:lle HUOM. valittava ensisoftauksen yhteydessä!

The Volkswagen group’s innovative 1.2TSi engine has proven a popular choice for those wanting great fuel economy with the punch and performance of a larger engine. Using stratified injection technology the 1.2TSi delivers great MPG and 105 bhp but what if you want more?
We answer with the release of stage 1 software for the 1.2TSi engine. Giving better drivability and increased performance through the entire rev range, our stage 1 software effortlessly provides power and torque gains throughout. Engines will deliver power smoothly and without causing extra stress to the engine components, refinement and reliability will be retained.q
Revo Stage 1 file for your 1.2TSi engine can be loaded directly to the ECU through the cars OBD socket, just like a dealer update for minimum disruption and a fast transformation!