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Audi 4.2TDI V8 326HP - OCT-viritysohjelma
1 350,00 €
Alkaen 78,60 €/kk
Audi 4.2TDI V8 326HP - OCT-viritysohjelma

Asennus vain liikkeellämme.
Vakiona 240kw / 326hp ja 760Nm
O.CT Stage 1 = 271kw / 368hp ja 800nm

Max. tolerance on measurement: +/- 5%

The power enhancement is achieved through reprogramming of the ECU (Electronic control unit). Bring your car unmatched dynamic performance where you can experience pure driving pleasure.

We offer serious tuning and we keep our promises.

- Constant emissions values
- Consumption-optimized
- 5 years warranty on the control unit optimisation
- 2 years warranty originally provided by the manufacturer after first registration of the vehicle (but max. of 120.000 km within these first two years, according to the O.CT warranty guidelines)