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REVO DQ250 - 2.0TDI CR DSG Software
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REVO DQ250 - 2.0TDI CR DSG Software

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What have we done?
Drive and Sport Mode: Up/Downshift maps have been improved for overall drivability and to keep the engine working in its most efficient rpm range. Upshift points have also been raised in both Drive and Sport mode to help get the best performance from the engine.
1-vaihteella 3700rpm
2-vaihteella 4000rpm
3-vaihteella 4000rpm
4-vaihteella 4000rpm
5-vaihteella 4000rpm

1-vaihteella 4500rpm
2-vaihteella 5000rpm
3-vaihteella 4500rpm
4-vaihteella 4500rpm
5-vaihteella 4500rpm

1-vaihteella 3800rpm
2-vaihteella 4800rpm
3-vaihteella 4000rpm
4-vaihteella 4000rpm
5-vaihteella 4000rpm

1-vaihteella 4700rpm
2-vaihteella 4700rpm
3-vaihteella 4600rpm
4-vaihteella 4650rpm
5-vaihteella 4500rpm

Launch Control: enabled for all models with 3200rpm launch for FWD and 4000rpm launch for 4WD vehicles.
Launch Control Shift Point: Upshift points in launch control mode have been raised to 4200-4600rpm gear dependent for the 140bhp engine variants and 4600rpm for 170bhp variant all helping to optimize the full potential of the engine
Manual Mode: Automatic Up/Downshift in manual mode has been fully disabled allowing the driver to Up/Downshift as and when they please, giving more control to the driver and allowing the full potential of engine to be explored.
Manual Mode Kick-down: Fully disabled giving more control over the car.
Gear Shift Indicator: Where applicable the in gear display is turned on.
Shift speed: Shifts have been fine tuned to offer a quicker and more precise shift further engaging the driver with the vehicle and overall experience.
Torque Limiters: The torque limit built into the factory software has been increased to 500Nm. NOTE: these limits are not hardware limits, but built in software limits from the factory. As with all our software, our DSG software operates within the safety tolerances set by the factory.