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VW Golf GTI MK6 2.0TFSI 2.0TSI - Forge Hi-Flow Blowoff kit
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VW Golf GTI MK6 2.0TFSI 2.0TSI - Forge Hi-Flow Blowoff kit


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For the MK6 Golf 2 litre Turbo Petrol, we have developed a high flow vacuum operated twin piston valve (The OEM valve is fitted directly to the turbo). Designed primarily to ensure that high volumes are discharged quickly, and improve response.
This Valve is for atmospheric use only.

In The Box:
1 x FMDVHFMK6 Valve
1 x OEM Plastic Pipe (1KO14577OAJ)
1 x Wiring Harness
1 x Solenoid, Bracket, and Screws
1 x FMBPVXA Blanking Plate
1 × 2000mm of 4mm Vacuum Tube
1 x PCV Adaptor Kit
1 x Silicon Hose #1470
1 × 40mm Hose Clamps
1 × 45mm Hose Clamps
1 x Vacuum Tap, Gasket, and Bolts.
5 x Cable Ties
1 x Aluminium Spacer
1 x Instructions
1 x Forge Sticker

If you wish to tune this product to fit the needs of your engine, please see the spring tuning kit below.