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Ford Fiesta ST180 1.6Turbo - REVO STG 3 ahdin
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Ford Fiesta ST180 1.6Turbo - REVO STG 3 ahdin
  • Ford Fiesta ST180 1.6Turbo - REVO STG 3 ahdin
  • Ford Fiesta ST180 1.6Turbo - REVO STG 3 ahdin
  • Ford Fiesta ST180 1.6Turbo - REVO STG 3 ahdin
  • Ford Fiesta ST180 1.6Turbo - REVO STG 3 ahdin
  • Ford Fiesta ST180 1.6Turbo - REVO STG 3 ahdin
  • Ford Fiesta ST180 1.6Turbo - REVO STG 3 ahdin


Tilapäisesti loppunut. Toimitusaika 28 päivää.

Tilapäisesti loppunut. Toimitusaika 17 päivää.

STG 3 upgrade ahdin jolla päästään 265 – 308hp ja 380 – 420Nm lukemiin ( alla luetelluilla HW-osilla ).
STG 3 sarjalla matka taittuu:
0-60 mph vakiona 7.25 Seconds, STG 3: 5.38 Seconds
0-100 mph vakiona 17.05 Seconds, STG3: 11.49 Seconds
30-70 mph vakiona 6.02 Seconds, STG 3: 3.89 Seconds

- CNC machined billet compressor wheel
- Increased shaft, wheel and bearing size
- Uprated thrust bearing for higher boost capacity
- Increased compressor housing size and inlet
- Ported wastegate for greater boost control
- Enlarged and straightened outlet to improve flow

Sarjassa mukana:
- Revo by Turbo Technics S242 hybrid turbo
- 68mm silicone inlet elbow & clips
- Billet aluminium hose joiner
- 2” silicone boost elbow & clips
- 2” aluminium lower boost pipe
- Silicone water hoses & aluminium joiners

REVOn STG 3-softalla ja näillä HW-osilla:
- Tämä ahdin
- Up-rated Front Mount Intercooler
- Up-rated Turbo Back Exhaust, inc de-cat/high flow sports cat
- High Flow Intake System with correct MAF scaling

Lisäksi suositellaan:
Up-rated Clutch
Up-rated Suspension
Up-rated Brakes

The Revo Turbo upgrade for the Ford Fiesta ST is an unrivalled performance package. With power and torque offerings of up to 300BHP and 310LBFT, the 1.6 ST Revo Stage 3 oversteps its ‘pocket-rocket’ status as it moves into Mk2 Focus RS territory.

Manufactured and designed alongside our technical partners Turbo Technics, this upgrade goes beyond other available hybrid turbo solutions and features a completely re-designed compressor and bearing housing. The increased housing size allows for a larger custom billet compressor and turbine wheel, and most importantly the bearing and shaft size. This allows us to offer a more reliable turbo solution with larger capacity and efficiency over other options utilising the standard compressor housing.

These improvements result in a dynamic package that offers incredible power delivery at high revs, while still maintaining driveability and boost response for ‘around town’ driving lower in the rev range. Revo Stage 3 Software has been specifically developed to work with the Revo Turbo Upgrade, offering greater power gains without compromising on the response.

Revo Stage 3 Software completes this ultimate upgrade, specifically developed to achieve the maximum performance from the Revo Turbo Upgrade and existing Stage 2 hardware upgrades. Stage 3 allows access to even more usable power all the way up to the 7000rpm rev limit, with added features such as left foot braking to give more control over the vehicle. Your Revo Dealer Technician will be able to personalise this Software depending on what fuel quality you prefer or have access to (97ron and 98/99ron). The Revo SPS switch can be used with this software to access Anti-Theft mode and a stock mode.

Revo’s technical partnership with Turbo Technics provided the opportunity to co-develop this package combining Turbo technics extensive turbocharger manufacture experience with Revo’s industry leading ECU calibration knowledge, with the aid of the manufacturers input and knowledge of the products capabilities we have been able to extract the maximum safe performance of the S242 Turbo without compromise.

With 6 months of exhaustive testing utilising our in-house development vehicles including daily driven road cars, and competitive track cars we were able to produce a package that is powerful, reliable and driveable. Development didn’t stop there, utilising our Global dealer network we have the ability to test products in conditions not found in the UK, further, testing has taken place in regions of less favourable conditions to ensure the end result is suitable for our growing global markets.