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VW Amarok 3.0TDI 204hp 500Nm ja 224hp 550Nm - Revo STG1
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VW Amarok 3.0TDI 204hp 500Nm ja 224hp 550Nm -  Revo STG1
  • VW Amarok 3.0TDI 204hp 500Nm ja 224hp 550Nm -  Revo STG1
  • VW Amarok 3.0TDI 204hp 500Nm ja 224hp 550Nm -  Revo STG1
  • VW Amarok 3.0TDI 204hp 500Nm ja 224hp 550Nm -  Revo STG1
  • 204hp - STG 1



Katso Civic SI Type R vs. REVO STG 1 Amarok, 0 – 180km/h kiihdytys video:.

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Vakiona 204hp & 500Nm tai 224hp & 550Nm
REVO STG 1: 320-340hp ja 679-720Nm
Tulokset AINA riipuen olosuhteista, käytetystä polttoaineesta ja HW-osista.
Dyno tolenranssi +/- 5%

- Softassa lisänä lämpötilan suojelu

HUOM. Ei mahdollisuutta SPS:n !

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Test Stock Claimed Stock Tested Revo Stage 1
0 – 60 mph VW:n ilmoitus 7.5s mitattu ennen softausta 7.6s STG 1 softalla 5.8s
0 – 100 mph VW:n ilmoitus 30s mitattu ennen softausta 25.6s STG 1 softalla 16.9s
30 – 70 mph VW:n ilmoitus 8.0s mitattu ennen softausta 7.5s STG 1 softalla 5.7s

All Revo performance Software is designed to safely enhance the driveability of your vehicle, giving access to more power and torque throughout the rev range while maintaining the extensive factory safety mechanisms. Although Revo offers some of the most substantial performance increases on the market, peak figures form part of a much bigger picture and are never the sole focus during development. Revo Software offers a perfect balance of performance, economy, longevity and safety. Development and testing of Revo performance software is completed in a number of territories around the world, taking into account variations in atmospheric conditions such as altitude and temperature. The Revo R&D process is the most extensive and in-depth in the industry, giving you a product you can trust and an experience you won’t forget.

The new 3.0 V6 TDI common rail diesel engine in the Volkswagen Amarok offers greater refinement than the previous 2.0 BiTDi, with 224ps and 550NM as standard. Having our own daily driven 3.0 V6 VW Amarok development vehicle at Revo HQ (In addition to two previous BiTdi’s for good comparable data) has helped with understanding where improvements can be made, putting in thousands of miles on road and track. Testing products in this way is paramount; ensuring that with more useable power and torque still comes refinement and drive-ability, something only the driven demand.

For those driven by performance, Revo software offers a 170NM peak torque increase, with impressive gains throughout the entire rev range providing improved flexibility and greater towing capability in any gear, the engine feels more enthusiast and eager, reducing 0-100mph by nearly 10 seconds! Major markets for the Amarok include South America, Australia and New Zealand, with temperatures in these regions often exceeding anything seen in Europe. Testing through the Revo Global Development Programme allows us to consider these factors and include additional safety features such as Temperature Protection. This protects the engine from extreme temperatures, actively monitoring EGT’s (exhaust gas temperatures) and reducing power until temperatures return to a safe level.

This feature actively monitors exhaust gas temperatures, adapting the requested load (power) to ensure they stay within safe parameters. If EGT’s reach a set temperature, then power is automatically reduced up to a maximum of 20%, until the engine returns to a safe operating temperature.